It is a struggle to pay the teachers’ salary each month. We also have seven PhD graduate students who stay at the school to improve their English and upgrade their IT skills who in return work as Teachers Aids. (We have two teachers plus aids to each group of no more than 14 children.) There is no accommodation for the graduates, so they sleep on the desk tops at night.

outdoor kitchen 1Most of the children come from poor families and arrive at school without breakfast. We would like to be able to provide a good meal each lunchtime. There is just an outdoor “kitchen”.

We need transportation… a small bus to collect children, visitors and to go into Sagaing (our nearest town) for errands… supplies, mail etc.



We have four second hand laptops donated from Australia but need more. We would also like to upgrade the electricity.



Originally we had to buy water in a temporary tank. Now we have built one tank holding 2000 gallons but need another one for sanitation and the garden.




We are currently looking for donations to help with music classes, such as instruments and sheet music.